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The High Wizard in Ragnarok Origin is a formidable spellcaster specializing in dealing devastating magical attacks, harnessing different elements like fire, water, earth, lightning, and even ghost, to obliterate their foes from a safe distance. With their assortment of spells at their disposal, they can easily clear out hordes of enemies on their path, making them indispensable assets in a party.

High Wizard with Squidgette pet in Ragnarok Origin Global

Let’s Play – Unleashing the Arcane: A High Wizard’s Adventure in Ragnarok Origin Global

Hello, Nico here. Before we begin, I want to clarify that my wife and I didn’t initially intend to create a High Wizard guide. We have been devoted players of Ragnarok Origin Global since its release this year, with tons of experience playing other RO games both in mobile and in PC. Just a bit of a background, whenever we play RO, I usually go for Lord Knights or High Priests (although I do play other job classes as well.) As for my wife, she always, ALWAYS, goes for Snipers. But for this game, she decided to try something new: High Wizards.

While searching for tips and guides on High Wizards online, including YouTube videos, we noticed the absence of a comprehensive written guide. Personally, I enjoy delving into detailed information, but I find it time-consuming to pause and absorb important parts while watching video guides. This realization sparked the inspiration for our guide.

Using my past knowledge of the job, as well as our extensive experience playing different jobs in Ragnarok Online, my wife Zaine and I have developed a comprehensive guide to help players build their very own High Wizard. We’ll be diving into the stats, skills, equipment, and more to provide you with valuable insights and strategies on your journey to becoming the best High Wizard you can be. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Understanding the Stats

There are three things you need to focus on when building your High Wizard:

  1. Maximize Magic Damage
  2. Decrease Casting Time
  3. Survivability

Based on the things above, High Wizards mainly focuses on these stats: INT, DEX, and VIT. But first, let’s check out each specific stat and why is it valuable/not valuable for our character:

  • STR – High Wizards have not much use for the Strength stat, except for maybe increasing your backpack’s capacity.
  • AGI – Increases your flee, attack speed, and provides a bit of physical defense. Unless you’re going for a Magic Crasher build (or trying an unorthodox build), it’s best to spend your points on VIT instead as you need high amounts of this stat to make the flee viable for survivability.
  • VIT – Increases your HP pool, your physical defense, and enhances HP potion effects. Any extra stat points you have usually goes here.
  • INT – The main stat for High Wizards. Increases your magic damage, magic defense, and gives you a larger SP pool and SP recovery. It also gives a tiny reduction to your variable CT (the time it takes to cast spells). This one is usually maxed out.
  • DEX – For spellcasters like High Wizards, DEX is one of the most important stats, as it allows you to cast your skills faster. Around 80 base DEX is the recommended number, however you may need to invest more or even put less points here depending on your equipment and whatnot. Eventually, the end goal is to attain a 100% variable CT reduction.
  • LUK – We can’t think anything that might benefit High Wizards for this one. Increases your chance to inflict (physical) critical hits, critical resistance, and also increases your physical damage by a bit.

Allocating the Stat Points

As for how to allocate the points, it would mostly depend on your playstyle. Most players agree with a 2 DEX:1 INT ratio until you reach your preferred DEX level. The reasoning behind this is that it allows you to cast your skills faster, especially in the earlier stages of the game. Furthermore, it is easier to get additional magic damage from other sources like equipment enhancement and refinement.

However, if you feel like you’re lacking in the magic damage department, don’t be afraid to add more stat points to INT. I mean, the whole idea of being a High Wizard (at least for us) is to be able to finish off enemies quickly with as few spells as possible.

The VIT stat can come later once you’ve reached your desired INT and DEX levels. With access to skills like Fire Wall, Energy Coat, and Safety Wall (which we’ll get into later,) it can help you survive when caught out of position by enemies. You can also somehow compensate for the lack of VIT in the early game with good armor and HP-increasing items/stats.

High Wizard in Ragnarok Origin Global

Skill Tree

With the assortment of elemental spells the High Wizard has, there are tons of ways for you to play depending on your playstyle. Certain elements synergizes well with each other, like for example Water and Wind, so keep these in mind when building your character.

Using the opposing element to an enemy will allow you to deal a large amount of damage, so be sure to master how to counter at least the four main elements ( Fire > Earth, Earth > Wind, Wind > Water, Water > Fire).

But first, let’s check out the skills for each Mage job class tier.

Mage Skills

Fire Bolt / Cold Bolt / Lightning Bolt [10] – The three main elemental damaging spells for Mages. Allows you to rain down bolts of fire, ice, or lightning to a single enemy. Depending on what Wizard skills you’re going for, you can max any of them, or leave them at level 5 just to unlock the prerequisites.

Fire Ball [10] – Makes you throw a ball of fire that explodes upon contact to enemies. But with access to more powerful AOE skills like Meteor Storm, this one is often left out. Requires a Lv. 5 Fire Bolt to unlock.

Fire Wall [10] – A defensive fire spell. Raises a horizontal wall of flame in the direction you’re facing, which also pushes back enemies trying to go past it for a certain number of hits. Requires a Lv. 5 Fire Bolt to unlock.

Soul Strike [5] – a single-target, Ghost-type spell. Because of its fast cast, even with low levels of DEX, it is great for killing low level enemies (especially if you’re doing Monster Annihilation.)

Frost Diver [10] – Deals water damage to enemies and also has a chance to freeze them (which also turns the enemy’s element to water.) Higher levels deal more water damage and increases the chance to freeze as well. Usually combo-ed with Wind spells such as Lightning Bolt. Requires a Lv. 5 Cold Bolt to unlock.

Thunderstorm [10] – Brings down an AOE thunder bolt at a targeted area. Like the Fire Ball, it doesn’t get as much love as an AOE spell. You’ll only usually invest points here just to unlock the Wizard spells, Jupitel Thunder and Lord of Vermillion. Requires a Lv. 5 Lightning Bolt to unlock.

Zen Heart [Passive; 10] – Increases your SP pool, the rate at which you recover it, and how much you recover. It also enhances the effects of SP potions. You can either max this one out, or put any extra points here.

Stone Curse [10] – The only Earth spell in the Mage’s arsenal. Deals Earth damage to a single enemy, with a chance to petrify them (like Frost Diver, the element of Stone Cursed/petrified enemies become Earth). We feel like this one is more suited for PVP.

Energy Coat [Free] – A great defensive buff in the Mage class. Once cast, it reduces the amount of damage you take for 7 seconds. The amount of damage reduced by Energy Coat depends on how much SP you have left (15% less damage if your SP is >50%; 10% less damage if your SP is <50%.)

Wizard Skills

Sight [1] – A support spell that summons a ball of fire that swirls around you. Any hidden enemies touched by the ball of fire will be revealed.

Sightrasher [10] – While Sight is active, you can use this skill once to shoot a bunch of fire balls around you, dealing Fire damage to anyone hit and knocking them back. Requires a Lv. 1 Sight to unlock.

Fire Pillar [10] – A fast cast, low cooldown AOE Fire spell that also ignores the enemy’s MDEF. Summons a Fire Pillar in your target area that deals a burst number of hits to enemies that touch it. Although the area and damage is not as big as Meteor Storm, it’s pretty spammable, even with low levels of DEX (although it will burn through your SP pots like crazy.) Do take note that only 5 Fire Pillars can exist at a time. Requires a Lv. 3 Fire Wall to unlock.

Meteor Storm [10] – One of the most popular spells in the Wizard skill tree. It is a powerful AOE fire spell that rains waves of meteors in a targeted area. Also has a chance to stun enemies. Requires a Lv. 5 Fire Pillar and a Lv. 3 Sightrasher to unlock.

Water Ball [10] – This one looks like a water version of the Soul Strike. In order to use the skill, you need to stand in water (or while raining, although it would be slower to cast). Requires a Lv. 3 Frost Diver to unlock.

Storm Gust [10]– A great Wizard spell the pairs perfectly well with Lord of Vermilion. Any targets within the area of the spell are knocked around while receiving Water damage for each hit. Also has a chance to freeze them.

Do take note that the higher the level of Storm Gust, the lower the chance to freeze targets (0% at max level), so you may want to use this at Lv. 1 if you’re going for the Freeze effect. Requires a Lv. 5 Water Ball to unlock.

Jupitel Thunder [10] – Fires a single ball of lightning that deals Wind damage to an enemy. At Lv. 6 and up, it also adds a knockback effect to the skill. Requires a Lv. 3 Thunderstorm to unlock.

Lord of Vermillion [10] – A flashy AOE wind spell that calls down waves of lightning at a specified area. Enemies hit by the spell also has a chance to be blinded. Like Storm Gust, the chance to blind enemies goes down the higher the skill’s level.

This one is usually combo-ed with Storm Gust because of its chance to Freeze enemies. Requires a Lv. 3 Jupitel Thunder and a Lv. 5 Thunderstorm to unlock.

Earth Spike [5] – A single-target Earth skill that deals increasing number of hits to an enemy depending on the skill’s level (5 hits at max level.)

Heavens Drive [5] – An AOE version of the Earth Spike. Requires a Lv. 3 Earth Spike to unlock.

Quagmire [10] – Reduces the AGI, DEX, and movement speed of targets in an area for a set amount of time. A great crowd control spell, especially in PVP and dungeons. The stat reduction is capped at 50%, and only 3 instances of this skill can be active at a time.

Safety Wall [10]– Just like Priests, the Wizard’s safety wall protects you from a set number of melee physical attacks, as long as you’re inside of it. Higher levels increases the number of hits the Safety Wall can take before breaking. Needs a Blue gemstone to use.

High Wizard Skills

Napalm Vulcan [5] – A single-target spell that deals a large amount of Ghost damage, with a chance to afflict Curse (chance is affected by your target’s STR stat). Requires a Lv. 5 Soul Strike to unlock.

Gravitational Field [5] – One of the most popular spells in the High Wizard’s kit. Deals AOE Ghost damage in the targeted area every 0.5 seconds. Also slows down enemies within the area of effect. Requires a Lv. 5 Napalm Vulcan to unlock.

Ganbantein [1] – We haven’t really tried this one out, but it looks like it would disable (Hunter) traps or any trap-like spells such as Fire Pillar. I feel like this one is more of a PVP spell. Requires a Lv. 5 Napalm Vulcan to unlock.

Magic Crasher [5] – Another popular choice for people who want to try out a different kind of High Wizard. Deals Neutral damage on a single enemy (damage is based off your MATK). What makes this skill unique among the Mage class spells is that its cast delay is affected by your ASPD, which is why Magic Crasher builds often have high amounts of AGI.

Mystical Amplification [Passive, 10] – Increases your MDMG by a set percentage.

Soul Drain [Passive, 10] – Allows you to recover SP whenever you kill a monster using single-target spells like Magic Crasher and Fire Bolt. Also increases your max SP by a set percentage.

Frost Nova [10] – A powerful water skill that damages enemies around you. Also has a certain chance to freeze them, which also makes this one a great defensive spell when surrounded by enemies. Requires a Lv. 3 Storm Gust to unlock.

Elemental Awareness [Passive, 10] – A great passive skill that boosts the damage of your Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, and Ghost skills by x% amount.

Elemental Resistance [10] – A buff that reduces the MDMG you take by a certain percentage, while also giving your allies a boost in their Fire/Earth/Wind/Water resistances for a couple of seconds. Requires a Lv. 5 Elemental Awareness to unlock.

Stonehenge Shock [10] – This skill reminds me of the Earthbenders in Avatar: The Last Airbender the most (actually all of the Earth skills are). Deals AOE Earth damage in the target area, with a chance to root/bind enemies in place for a couple of seconds. Requires a Lv. 5 Heaven’s Drive to unlock.

High Wizard with Baphomet Jr. pet in Ragnarok Origin Global

Sample Skill Builds

Here are some sample skill builds to help give you an idea on how to allocate your skill points based on what skills you’re aiming for. We went with the Meteor Storm build because it transitions well to the Gravitational Field build without having to change equipment. Plus, she prefers using only one skill to kill enemies instead of using combo skills like Storm Gust and Lord of Vermilion.

Meteor Storm/Gravitational Field Skill Build

  • Mage Skills
    • Fire Bolt [10]
    • Fire Wall [3]
    • Soul Strike [5]
    • Cold Bolt [5]
    • Frost Diver [3] – for the Storm Gust prerequisite, if you’re planning to get it
    • Lightning Bolt [4] – so that you have something to counter Water-type monsters at the lower levels
    • Zen Heart [10]
  • Wizard Skills
    • Sight [1]
    • Sightrasher [3]
    • Fire Pillar [5]
    • Meteor Storm [10]
    • Earth Spike [5]
    • Safety Wall [10]
    • Option 1 (we went with this one):
      • Water Ball [5]
      • Storm Gust [1] – For the crowd control, and to somehow deal AOE damage to Fire-type monsters. If you want to get Frost Nova, you can put Earth Spike at Lv. 3, then put Storm Gust at Lv. 3.
    • Option 2:
      • Quagmire [6] – For crowd control as well, especially in instances/dungeons.
    • Option 3:
      • Heaven’s Drive [5] – If you’re planning to get the High Wizard’s Stonehenge skill. You still have a single skill point left though, so you may want to add it to one of the Mage’s bolt skills (e.g. Lightning Bolt.)
  • High Wizard Skills (You’ll still have 10 extra points for this one)
    • Napalm Vulcan [5]
    • Gravitational Field [5]
    • Mystical Amplification [10]
    • Elemental Awareness [10]

Magic Crasher Build

Coming Soon.

Equipment Recommendations

The Mage class tree is probably one of the most F2P-friendly jobs in the game. Even with blue-grade gear, you can still deal decent amounts of damage to enemies. Once you have access to the Sage’s Memory and Helheim dungeons, you can then go for the purple-grade gears, as the power spike given by them is just insane.


  • Thorn Staff of Darkness [Wand, available at Lv. 50]
    • Best all-around wand for Wizards/High Wizards. Provides a good amount of MATK and Skill Global CD reduction for every refine level. Highly recommended.
  • Wing Staff [Wand, available at Lv. 50]
    • Gives MATK, INT, DEX, and Variable CT reduction. Each refine level also gives an additional -1% reduction to variable CT.
    • Somewhat decent, especially if you’re aiming to cast skills faster. However, on the higher levels, you’ll probably have a decent enough variable CT reduction even without the wand’s help, so you may want to switch with something that provides more MATK instead.
  • Ember Staff [Staff, available at Lv. 50]
    • Provides MATK, INT, SP, additional Fire Skill damage, and also gives more damage to your Fire Bolt and Fire Ball skills. However, it also increases your SP consumption by 10%. The Lv. 80 version also gives additional Meteor Storm damage at max refinement.
    • If you feel like doubling down on your Meteor Storm or any fire skills in general, this staff is a great choice. To offset the increase in SP consumption, you may want to equip one of the SP consumption reduction armors (which we’ll get into later.)
  • Kronos [Staff, available at Lv. 70]
    • Gives a high amount of MATK and INT. What sets this one apart, however, is its chance to grant you +30% MDMG whenever you cast a skill. So if you’re looking to increase your magic damage to a higher level than ever before, this is the staff to go.
    • One thing to note is that, like all staffs, you’ll be sacrificing your off-hand slot for more magic damage.


  • Max HP or DEX shield
  • Cracked Buckler [available at Lv. 50]
    • Gives Neutral DMG Reduction
    • There’s also a 5% chance to auto cast a Lv. 1 Kyrie Eleison when you take damage.
  • Book of Lies [available at Lv. 80]
    • DEF +68, Max HP +600, INT +8, MDEF +5, Refine +4 [MATK +15]


  • Expert Ring – increases your MATK and reduces your Global CD. However, it also increases your SP consumption by 10%.
  • Spiritual Ring – gives MATK, INT, and DEX. Also gives variable CT reduction for every refine +2.
  • Orlean Gloves – provides additional MATK, MATK %, and DEX.

For SP Consumption Reduction [Not a Set]

If you’re struggling with your SP, the equips below can help you reduce your SP consumption by a certain amount.

  • Armor: Mink Coat – SP Consumption -10%
  • Cloak: Fluffy Cloak SP Consumption -10%
  • Boots: Soft Leather Boots SP Consumption -10%

Set Equipment

Magic Apprentice’s Set [2/2 Set Effect: MDMG +3%]Recommended starting set

  • Armor: Magic Coat [Lv. 50, 70, 80]
    • Lv. 50 tier – DEF +134, Max HP +400, INT +3, Variable CT -2%
    • Lv. 70 tier – DEF +182, Max HP +680, INT +4, Variable CT -3%
    • Lv. 80 tier – DEF +206, Max HP +800, INT +5, Variable CT -3%
  • Boots: Magic Boots [Lv. 50, 70, 80]
    • Lv. 50 tier – DEF +44, Max HP +200, Max HP +400, MATK +10
    • Lv. 70 tier – DEF +60, Max HP +340, Max HP +500, MATK +10
    • Lv. 80 tier – DEF +68, Max HP +400, Max HP +500, MATK +15

Sprint Set [3/3 Set Effect: Max HP +7%, Max SP +7%, Global CD -15%, MDMG +10%]For Endgame. Switch to this one once you hit Lv. 80+.

  • Armor: Sprint Mail [Lv. 80]
    • DEF +206, Max HP +800, Variable CT -10%, MATK +3%, Refine +6 [MATK +1%], Refine +10 [MATK +2%]
  • Cloak: Rider Insignia [Lv. 80]
    • DEF +68, Max HP +400, INT +1, DEX +2, every Refine +2 [MDEF +1]
  • Boots: Sprint Shoes [Lv. 80]
    • DEF +68, Max HP +400, INT +1, Refine +6/10/15 [INT +2 each]
High Wizard with MIllie pet in Ragnarok Origin Global

Card Recommendations

For the cards, we’ll be focusing on the ones that increase your magic damage output, reduce your casting time, more SP recovery, and increase your survivability. Some of these cards will take a while to get (especially if you’re an F2P player), so be sure to take advantage of the Blue Star and Purple Star Coins from hunting Minis/MVPs along with the usual farming method.

And also, don’t forget to Awaken and tier up the cards you’re using. Even green cards (e.g. Drops Card) can provide some useful stat bonuses while you’re waiting to get the more powerful cards for your character.


  • Racial/Elemental cards – the ‘easiest’ one to get is the Mandragora Card (20% more damage to Wind monsters), which you can buy for 10,000 Guild Contributions at the Guild Shop. For new characters, you can also get a free optional card album at the Carnival if you get enough dice rolls to reach it.
  • Size cards
  • Boa Card [MATK +20]
  • Drops Card [DEX +1, HIT +3, DMG vs Challenging Champions +100]
  • Status Effect Cards – Interestingly enough, skills also proc status effects from cards such as Magnolia (Curse) and Savage Babe (Stun).


  • Ambernite Card [DEF +2, Max HP +200]
  • Thief Bug Egg Card [Max HP +250]
  • Ant Egg Card [Max HP +3.00%]
  • Megalodon/Argos Card [Max HP +4.00%, +20% Freeze/Petrify resistance respectively]


  • Rocker Card [DEX +2, PATK +5]
  • Baby Desert Wolf Card [INT +2]
  • Any Max HP increasing armor cards (e.g. Peco Peco Card, Savage Card)


  • Frilldora Card [INT +3, Variable CT -3.00%]
  • Element Damage Reduction Cards (if you’re hunting MVPs)


  • Eggyra Card [SP Recovery +8.00%, Max HP +2.00%] – Second best choice
  • Verit Card [Max HP +3.00%, Max SP +4.00%]
  • Sohee Card [SP Recovery +8.00%, Max HP +4.00%] – Recommended
  • Merman Card [SP & HP Recovery +5.00%, Max HP +2.00%]


  • Wormtail Card [DEX +2]
  • Mimic Card [MATK +10, Variable CT -2.00%]
  • Zerom Card [DEX +3, CRIT +2]
  • Wraith Card [MATK +5, MDMG +1.00%]
  • Marine Sphere Card [Enable use of Lv. 3 Magnum Break] *Surprisingly, using Magnum Break also adds additional fire damage to spells like Meteor Storm or Fire Bolt.


  • Elder Willow Card [INT +3]
  • Carat Card [INT +2, Max SP +200]
  • Willow Card [Max HP +100]
  • Coco/Martin Card [Max HP +150, Sleep/Blind resistance +20.00%]
High Wizard with Fire Spirit pet in Ragnarok Origin Global

Verus Core Recommendations

Verus Cores are one of the most important features of the game, as it gives your character and your skills additional boosts and effects that will make you even more effective in battle.

Since we have a wide selection of skills on our disposal, there are tons of cores we can choose from depending on our needs. Here’s are some of the cores worth checking out for the Meteor Storm/Gravitational Field build:

  • Psychokinesis Boost – boosts your Ghost type damage by a set percentage
  • Soul Draining Method – gives additional MATK for a couple of minutes after killing an enemy
  • Spell Barrier – makes you more tanky while casting spells
  • Meteor Prediction Protocol – reduces Meteor Storm’s global cooldown
  • Meteor Chained Reaction – makes the meteors rain faster, but deal less damage. At core Lv. 10, damage is reduced by 4% only.
  • Co-processor Activation – reduces your next skills variable CT after killing an enemy
  • Meteor Boost Protocol – adds a burning effect to the area once Meteor Storm disappears (Smeldon)
  • Energy Acceleration Effect – gives Energy Coat an HP & SP regen (%) per second while active (Smeldon)
  • MATK / Dexterity / Vitality

Some notable cores as well:

  • Deadly Swamp – makes your Quagmire deal damage based on the target’s max HP to nearby enemies. However, it cannot exceed a set percentage of your MATK
  • Frost Mastery – makes the skill Frost Nova insta-cast in exchange for increased global cooldown

Pet Recommendations

For our lovable pets, we’ll be going for the ones that increase our survivability and/or magic damage output. Pets in the A and S classes are highly recommended, so try to aim for those.

However, those in the C and B classes will do just fine, especially during the low to mid levels (or while waiting for the higher tier pets.)

Class C/B

  • Poring
    • Skill: Poring Bubble – gives you a shield that also increases your PDEF.
  • Vocal
    • Skill: Rock and Roll – heals you and your allies. If you’re able to upgrade your Vocal to Tier 2, it also provides additional healing per second so long as your pet has SP.
  • Milly
    • Skill: Acorn Healing – recovers your (and your allies) health while also reducing your variable CT for the next skill you cast within 10s.
  • Volcanic Bulldog
    • Skill: Flame Shield – gives you a shield equivalent to 20% of your Max HP, plus a 50% Status Effect Resistance. Once the shield expires, it deals 600% AOE fire PDMG.

Class A

  • Squidgitte
    • Skill: Monstrous Dance – boosts your damage for a couple of seconds.
  • Candlemourn
    • Skill: Immolation – gives you and your allies a shield that also heals at the same time. Deals Fire damage to nearby enemies.
  • Fire Spirit
    • Skill: Meteor Storm – same as Wizard’s Meteor Storm. Good for dealing additional AOE fire damage.
  • Hatii Babe
    • Skill: Curl Up – heals your pet, reduces the damage it takes, and also taunts any nearby enemies.
  • Child of Earth
    • Skill: Behind Me – Child of Earth takes the damage you receive (+50% more) for 10 seconds. (Tiers 5 and 10 reduce the extra damage taken by Child of Earth by -20% and -30% respectively.)

Class S

  • Earth Lord (best pet for High Wizards, in our opinion)
    • Skill: Gravity Field – Pulls enemies around the Earth Lord towards it for a couple of seconds, kind of like a Knight/Crusader that provokes enemies, but on a much larger scale. Unfortunately, we’re not lucky enough to get this one yet :/
S Pet Earth Lord and Dunell Ragnarok Origin Global

And that about wraps up our High Wizard class guide. These recommendations serve as a starting point, providing guidance for your character. However, feel free to experiment and adapt your build according to your unique playstyle or any challenges you may encounter in the game. Ultimately, the goal is to find a balance that best suits your preferences and maximizes your effectiveness in combat.

We hope you find this one helpful, and if you do, kindly share it with your friends. Be sure to let us know what your thoughts are for this guide. We’re planning to add more guides for other job classes as well, so stay tuned. Thank you for reading and see you in the next one.

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