Lord Knight Tank Build – Ragnarok Origin Global

As masters of both offense and defense, Lord Knights can seamlessly transition between roles on the battlefield, whether it’s leading the charge in a head-on assault or protecting their allies from harm.

With a combination of high physical damage output and impressive survivability, the Lord Knight class stands as a symbol of valor and strength, carving their path as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Ragnarok Origin Global.

Lord Knight with Volcanic Bulldog pet in Ragnarok Origin Global

Let’s Play – Forging the Path of Steel: A Lord Knight’s Tank Journey in Ragnarok Origin Global

For this guide, we will be focusing solely on the VIT/Tank Lord Knight build. Initially we’re planning to put all of the usual Lord Knight builds here, but decided that it’s better to do another guide for the other builds like AGI/Crit and Spear types so that we can dive in further with them.

Understanding the Stats

When it comes to tanking, there is only one thing you should keep in mind: Survivability. This means we’ll be going for the stats, skills, and equipment that will maximize our ‘tankiness’ like increasing our Max HP, PDEF, and whatnot.

Now, onto the base stats:

  • STR – This one is up to your preference. Personally, I haven’t added any points here yet since I’m not going for damage at the moment, but feel free to add points here if you want.
  • AGI – Like STR, it’s up to you if you want to add points here. Some players go for AGI instead of INT, since AGI also gives a tiny bit of PDEF (as well as Flee and ASPD).
  • VIT – The main stat for tank Lord Knights. This one is usually prioritized (and maxed out) first over the other stats as it provides us with most of the things we’ll need to survive in the frontlines like increasing our Max HP and PDEF/MDEF. It also benefits the Sturdy Strike skill, which bases its damage from our VIT.
  • INT – If you want to increase your magic defense, then adding points here will surely help. For me, I’m aiming to max this one out as well. The additional SP also helps you to cast more skills.
  • DEX – For this one, I suggest putting at least 10 – 20 points here (or more) so that your skills/attacks will hit the enemy.
  • LUK – We can leave this stat at 1 since our main focus is being as tanky as possible.

Allocating the Stat Points

Since damage is not that much of an issue at the early stages of the game, you can go with 1 VIT : 1 DEX until you hit at least 10 or 20 DEX, then put the rest to VIT.

At some point, however, you will need to add another preset you can switch to such as AGI/Crit, Bash, or Spear. Farming and grinding on a tank build takes too long, especially at the higher levels (70+), so having an offensive preset to switch to is a great option. Unless you have lots of funds and materials for crafting/refining, make it so that you only have to switch your stats and your weapon so that it would be easier on your budget.

If you find it time consuming to switch builds every now and then, another alternative is to have a strong DPS pet who will attack for you while you keep them safe with your Provoke.

Sword + Shield vs Two-Handed Sword

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself when building your Lord Knight as a tank is whether you’ll go for a sword and shield or a two-handed sword, since they are the most viable for our build. There are certainly pros and cons for each of them, so let’s check them out:

  • Sword + Shield (e.g. Excalibur + Cracked Buckler)
    • Pros:
      • More HP and PDEF/MDEF because of the shield.
      • Access to Off-hand cards, which can further increase your survivability, especially at the higher levels.
      • Great for PVE scenarios, including Boss hunts and instances/dungeons.
    • Cons:
      • Slower ASPD (not that impactful for tanks, but still worth mentioning.)
      • A bit more expensive, since you need additional mats to upgrade your shield.
  • Two-handed Sword (e.g. Krasnaya)
    • Pros:
      • Able to use the Lord Knight skill Parry, which gives you a 35% chance to completely negate incoming physical damage at max level while the skill is active (which is 60 seconds.)
      • This, in turn, makes it great for PVP since you have the chance to block physical attacks and even skills like Asura Strike (if you’re lucky.) Plus, you can pair it with the Verus core, Avenging Lightning, for a chance to call down a lightning bolt when you block attacks.
      • When using Krasnaya, you also have a 10% chance to auto cast Lion Roar when taking damage. I believe this is also separate from the skill’s actual passive (which also auto casts Lion Roar), so it can help with your damage output especially when being mobbed.
    • Cons:
      • Since it sacrifices your ability to equip shields and Off-hand cards with being able to block physical attacks, it is highly reliant on Parry.
      • And since we’re talking about Parry, the skill’s blocking chance is still just that: a chance.
      • Magic attacks will be a pain to deal with, although the Divine Armament for Krasnaya at Lv. 90 gives you a 10% chance to block magic damage when using Parry. Still quite low, but that is something to keep in mind.

In the end, it will all come down to your preference. Do you prefer a high HP, impenetrable fortress, or a lean, mean, blocking machine?

Quick Rundown of Skills

To avoid getting too long, let’s just run through the Lord Knight class tree and each skill’s requirements, starting from Swordsman.

  • Swordsman
    • Bash
      • Magnum Break [Lv. 5 Bash]
      • Fatal Blow [Lv. 5 Bash]
    • Provoke
      • Endure [Lv. 5 Provoke]
    • Sword Mastery
    • Increase Recuperative Power
  • Knight
    • Riding
      • Cavalier Mastery [Lv. 1 Riding]
        • Brandish Spear [Lv. 5 Cavalier Mastery]
    • Spear Mastery
      • Pierce [Lv. 5 Spear Mastery]
      • Spear Stab [Lv. 5 Spear Mastery]
    • Spear Boomerang
    • Charge Attack
    • Sword Quicken [Lv. 3 Sword Mastery]
      • Bowling Bash [Lv. 5 Sword Quicken]
        • Vanguard Force [Lv. 5 Bowling Bash]
    • Sturdy Strike – our bread and butter skill. It gets additional PDMG and MDMG reduction from every level of Iron Will when used. And since its damage is based on VIT, it also gives our tanks a great source of damage output. Cooldown is also based on your ASPD. Replace your normal attack with this one when tanking.
      • Lion Roar [Lv. 5 Sturdy Strike]
        • Iron Will [Lv. 5 Lion Roar]
  • Lord Knight
    • Concentration [Lv. 1 Riding]
    • Head Crush [Lv. 1 Riding]
      • Joint Beat [Lv. 5 Head Crush and Lv. 5 Cavalier Mastery]
    • Clashing Spiral [Lv. 5 Spear Mastery and Lv. 5 Pierce]
    • Aura Blade [Lv. 5 Sword Mastery and Lv. 5 Magnum Break] – works with spears as well
    • Tension Relax [Lv. 10 Increase Recuperative Power and Lv. 5 Iron Will]
    • Parry [Lv. 5 Provoke and Lv. 5 Sword Quicken] – only works with 2H Swords
    • Berserk

Sturdy Strike Damage Test

Coming Soon

Sample Stat and Skill Build

For this next one, I’ll be sharing the build I used for my Lord Knight. I still have lots of things to improve on, but right now I’m happy with how my character turned out. For context, I’m using Krasnaya for my character.

I added an additional point to Sword Quicken since Parry needs it to be at Lv. 5 to unlock (along with Lv. 5 Provoke.)

Lord Knight Sample Skill Build in Ragnarok Origin Global

I hope this gave you an idea on how to build the stats and skills for your character. Feel free to adjust it to your liking.

Equipment Recommendations

When it comes to your equipment, it’s pretty straightforward since we’re going for survivability. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Weapon / Off-Hand

Lord Knight Weapon and Off-Hand Equipment Recommendations for Ragnarok Origin Global


Lord Knight Armor Recommendations for Ragnarok Origin Global


Lord Knight Accessory Recommendations for Ragnarok Origin Global

Card Recommendations

For the cards, anything that will increase our HP and resistances to different races and elements are a great addition to our kit.


  • Fabre Card
  • Racial/Elemental/Size Cards
  • PATK/PDMG Increase Cards


  • Ambernite Card / Thief Bug Egg Card / Ant Egg Card
  • Max HP + DMG Reduction vs Race/Element/Status
  • Ancient Mummy Card
  • Horn Card


  • Super Picky Card / Roda Frog Card / Pupa Card
  • Max HP + DMG Reduction vs Race/Element/Status
    • Steel Chonchon Card / Savage Card – cheaper alternative to Peco Peco Card, easier to tier up
  • Peco Peco Card – highly recommended, but hard to get
  • Cornutus Card – another great alternative, but also difficult to get
  • Inflict status ailment when attacked (e.g. Killer Mantis Card, Sasquatch Card, etc)


  • DMG Reduction vs Element – try to have at least one of each so you can switch cards ahead of time depending on the MVP or monsters you’re going to tank.
  • Orc Baby / Raydric Card


  • Zombie Card
  • Merman Card / Eggyra Card
  • Verit Card / Matyr Card – Max HP +5% when fully tiered
  • Sohee Card – best HP increasing shoes card. Max HP +8% at max level, but quite rare


  • Spore Card
  • Muka Card – cheap, but rarely at the Store
  • Horong Card – useful for revealing hidden enemies (e.g. Dracula, Phreeoni) so your allies can see them while you tank.


  • Willow Card / Coco Card / Martin Card
  • Ghoul Card – for additional poison resistance
  • Leib Olmai Card


  • Angeling Puppet I – you can get one for free at Alfheim


  • Any of the three puppet cards will do (in our server, we have a large supply of GTB Puppet I Cards)

*P.S. I didn’t recommend any MVP cards as they are extremely hard to get.

Verus Core Recommendations

Another feature of the game which will help take our tanking abilities to the next level. Here are the ones we should keep an eye out for:

  • Sturdy Strike Boost – further increases your Sturdy Strike’s damage
  • Swift Mend – Lion Roar now heals you for a set percentage
  • Legacy of Will – gives you an additional percentage to PDEF after Iron Will’s shield expires
  • Battle Rage – reduces Provoke’s cooldown
  • Avenging Lightning – chance to cast a Lightning Bolt when you dodge or block attacks (great for 2H wielders)
  • Muscle Block – reduces the incoming non-status effect DMG you take when your HP is above 80%
  • Potion Boost – increases the amount of HP/SP recovered by potions
  • PDEF / MDEF / Vitality – increases the particular stat

Pet Recommendations

Whether it be for additional survivability or to supplement your damage, there’s no denying that pets are a great asset for any job class, including tank Lord Knights.

  • Class C [Poring, Vocal]
  • Class B [Volcanic Bulldog, Milly]
  • Class A [Candlemourn, King Pig, Pearl, Child of Earth, Baphomet Jr. (for the heal per Crit and AOE DPS)]
  • Class S [all of them are great, but if you have to choose, maybe Ghost Samurai or Antasha]
Mini Lord Knight with King Pig pet at Ragnarok Origin Global

Additional Tips

Before we end the guide, here are some tips that I would like to share based on my experiences that may help you in your tanking journey:

  • Always have some Panacea ready to remove Poison status, as its damage is based on a percentage of your Max HP. Be mindful as well of any poison spells left on the floor, like Osiris’ (or another player’s) Venom Dust so you can get out before getting poisoned again.

  • Study and learn the attack patterns of MVPs/Minis. Some of them will throw an attack at you that you will not be able to tank for too long (at least without a support), so it’s best to anticipate and avoid those attacks. Some of these include (but are not limited to):
    • the trail/path created from King Ambernite’s Mucus Charge.
    • Helheim Drake’s Pirate Fate (Scurvy), don’t let it accumulate more than 3 times.
    • taking Phreeoni’s Storm of Maw at point blank range. If you don’t want to die, but still want to take as much damage as possible (for team rewards,) you can use Endure or Play Dead to stay near Phreeoni without getting sucked in completely.
      • Also, Phreeoni’s attack pattern goes like this:
        • First spawn/attack: Summon Hode, followed immediately by Storm of Maw.
        • After that, the pattern goes: Summon Hode > Heavens Drive > Summon Hode > Storm of Maw > repeat.

  • Speaking of MVP team rewards, if you have a high enough HP with good support (and lots of guts,) one tactic you can do to have a higher chance of taking the highest ‘DMG Taken’ title is by removing your Armor (e.g. Eden Group Uniform, Goibne’s Armor.)

  • Aside from Max HP, the bulk of your PDEF/MDEF will come from your equipment. VIT only gives 0.5 PDEF per point (at base 99 VIT, you’ll get approximately 49 PDEF), so be sure to strengthen other areas like equipment tiers, modification, refinement, feathers, medals, and mount.

In conclusion, mastering the art of tanking with Lord Knights in Ragnarok Origin Global requires a careful balance of strategic decision-making and meticulous preparation. By delving into the intricacies of stat allocation, refining your skill build, and selecting optimal equipment, you’re well on your way to becoming an indomitable force on the battlefield. The fusion of strength and resilience is further enhanced through judicious card and pet choices, creating a symbiotic relationship that amplifies your tanking prowess.

Remember, successful tanking extends beyond the numbers. It’s about positioning yourself effectively, anticipating enemy movements, and adeptly utilizing your skills to draw and manage aggro while protecting your allies. With the knowledge gleaned from this guide, you’re armed with the tools and insights to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. So, venture forth with confidence, for as a Lord Knight, you’re not merely a protector of your comrades; you’re a steadfast guardian, a stalwart shield, and an embodiment of unwavering resolve in the world of Ragnarok Origin. Stand resolute, and let your valiant presence shape the course of battles and triumphs to come.

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